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Best Playgrounds Near Forest Park, Ohio

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

This article involves collaboration with my eldest daughter who is learning to research, write, and present information in a formal way.

There are many nice playgrounds around Forest Park, Ohio. Whether you like big or small playgrounds, old or new playgrounds, there is a playground for everyone. Many playgrounds have unique features that other playgrounds don't have. We are going to list many of our favorite playgrounds and tell you a little about each one and what it has to offer.

"Blue Whale Park"

This is a small little park with 3 pull-up bars and 3 swings. There are also picnic tables for hosting a family picnic.

Pros: - A Blue Whale for rocking

- Tunnel for crawling through

Cons: - no water fountain

- no shade except under the tree

"Ducky Park" (Winton Woods Park)

801 Lakeview Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45218

We like to ride to this park in our bike trailer and see the ducks before and after playing.

Pros: - 2 sets of swinging monkey bars

- little playground off to the side for little kids.

- several slides

- close proximity to the water, ducks, and walking trail.

Cons: - no swings

Harper Meadows

Large Playground for Small Kids

This park is good to take little kids to. It is fun to pretend to be a pirate ship or boat because it has a helm and telescope and places to run around like you are on the deck of a big boat.

Pros: - A set of 3 large slides and 4 other slides

- circular monkey bars

- swinging rings

- bathrooms and water fountain

- rock wall for climbing

- pirate telescope

Cons: - Not very tall

Small Playground for Large Kids

This playground is very fun because it is tall and has 4 long slides. It also has a baby slide so little kids can still play on it.

Pros: - 4 Long slides

- 4 drums

- climbing things (rock wall, and hole wall)

- bathrooms and a water fountain

Cons: - harder for little kids to climb up to the second story

- not very big compared to other parks

- often busy from parties and meetings at the gazebo

Parky's Farm

This playground is located on Parky's Farm. You can visit the animals and see the garden and pond, and then come to the playground to play.

Pros: - Tunnel slide

- 2-story fire pole

- water fountain and bathrooms

- Looks like a barn

- 1 large, 1 medium, 1 small slide

- 2-stories tall

Cons: - no swings

- busy sometimes from parties and meetings at the gazebo

Winton Woods Middle-School Playground (Central Park)

This playground was most recently updated to all new equipment. We couldn't find a picture of the new equipment.

Pros: - A very long zipline that you have to climb up a ramp to use.

- A large snake-like rope swing

- Ninja warrior like things to jump on

- Many climbing contraptions

- smaller playground equipment on the side for younger kids

Cons: - Often a very long line for the zipline because many people want to use it.

- At a school so it can't be used all the time.

- no monkey bars

"Train Park"

This park was recently updated and improved but there is not an updated picture of the park.

Pros: -close to UDF ice cream shop across the street.

- close to Glendale Train Station

- rocks and gravel to walk on

- swings

- basketball court

Cons: - kinda small compared to others

- no water fountain

- I don't like that it is new because I liked the old playground

"Crescent Universally Accessible Park"

This park is quite large and newer with a lot of unique equipment.

Pros: - wheelchair accessible

- inground merry-go-round

- Pipe slide

- swings

- 4-seater teeter-totter

- astro-turf ground

Cons: - can be loud when music is playing during festivals

- often many kids there

- a little bit of a drive from Forest Park

- no bathrooms

"Grove Park"

This playground has rubber mulch all around on the ground and is right next to a large softball field and gazebo.

Pros: - 3 large unique slides

- tic-tac-toe

- Monkey bars

- bathrooms and water fountain

- good for playing tag

- only a few blocks from Crescent Park

Cons: - not many places to hide for hide/seek

- not very large compared to others

- quite a drive from Forest Park

- only has 2 swings

This is a brief summary of some of the playgrounds we have come to enjoy around Forest Park. We hope this list has been helpful. If you visit them, we hope you have as much fun as we do. Thank you for reading and we wish you and your family much happiness playing on the local playgrounds.

Taiya and Dad

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